The Year 2007 in Photos

Thedra and I kicked off the New Year with a few expensive days in London. I tried to get my monies worth

Thedra's alternative take on an Egyptian theme, Herrod's.

We got to see family too. This is my sister Ann in Philadelphia, with granddaughter, Madison,

My nephew John and daughter.

Major expansion of the garden this Spring. Lots of tasty goodies for the @#!$* deer and rabbits

Tiana and Isaiah came down for Spring break.

BeYonne cuts her political teeth in electoral politics.

BeYonne took Thedra on a Mothers Day cruise

The obligatory group photo.

Death by idot..., or "that unspreakable incident,

We also got to visit family in Las Vegas

Cool photos of Greg and Shelly's boys at baseball practice

Kyla was also a factor in the sports world, as her team went to the NCAA Natinals, and finish second in the Nation (9yo)..

The we had the East Coast family gathering in Philadelphia at Callies...

Thedra played in a billion teams this summer, and one is off to the USTA Mid Atlantic Sectional championship. Here are photos from her party for the team.

Beyonne turns 21!.

On to the Sectionals!!!.