A 95th Birthday Celebration for Mother Frances Lewis - May 16, 2004, Fishkill, NY.

The head table, Mother Lewis with a dear friend, Mrs. Pickett.

Rev. Charles Lewis, undercover, and family, Georgia, Sonya..., John is somewhere in the room.

Devon and Cheryl with sons, Darren and Bryce.

The ever-mellow Greg and Shelly.

Candy and the "ever-mellow" Osmond.

Crystal and a sleepy Alex having a little fun with BeYonne, Shelly, Kolin, Greg and Thedra..., where is Kylie-Kyla?

Here's Thelma, who rode shotgun with Theg, seen here with Kordell "Bone Crusher" Lewis showing his chilled side.

Jamel "the Hulk", Kim, little Jamel with Cheryl and Devon's little man, Bryce.

Uncle Buddy, Aunts Daisy and Marilyn with Mother Lewis.

Aunt Daisy and FatBoy with Gram' - K.C. up in heyah!.

William in the house! with grandmother Daisy and great-grandmother, Frances....

The K.C. crew in Full Effect.

Gram' and the other half of the Maryland crew, Thedra, Glenn and BeYonne.

Gram' with Rosilyn, FatBoy, Daisy, Keysha and friend.

And Linda working the magic as usual.

You know how we do - ain't no joke with that Lewis crew.

If anyone has a good photo of Linda and others who were busy pulling this thing off, or better photos of Karen, William, Eric, Mickey, Mickael, John or others for whom I did not get very good shots, please email it to us and I'll be sure to get it on the website.