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2009 Trip to Beijing, China

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This guard at Tienamen Square typifies a lot of what I saw in the people who live in Beijing, youth, confidence and pride of country china09_25

Celebs, Karen, Tim and Thedra and the South Gate of the Forbidden City. china09_01

If you were trying to attack the Forbidden City in the era before gunpower and canons, you would have a lot of fortified gates to go through! Gary, Karen and Thedra about to enter through the South Gate. china09_40

I always felt the Forbidden City lacked warmth, but now know that there are no trees inside the main gates for tactical reasons. This is the inner moat (if I recall correctly), looking North and East china09_26

Everyone at the start of our climb to the Great Wall china09_02

Note that the wall follows the slope down (lower right portion of photo) and continues along the ridge of the mountain (another watch tower can be seen on the mountain top (upper left portion of photo) china09_03

Here you can see the wall along the slope that was to the lower right of the photo above. china09_06

Gary, Karen, me,Thedra and Tim by the lake at the Summer Palace. Thedra bought pearls that were cultivated in this fresh water lake. china09_05

This was taken in the Shrine near the tombs of the Ming Emperors. Those columns were hewn from single tree trunks. (1 more photos to be posted) china09_07

Another photo from the shrine near the tombs of the Ming Emperors. Here you can see the enormous ceiling tembers, and ornate painting between them. china09_35

Detail of one of the gateways leading to the Temple of Heaven. china09_08

Building in a city park near the Temple of Heaven . This park is popular with seniors, who recreate here. There is public dancing, group exercise, card playing and general fun. china09_09

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